Diving - Gili Trawangan, Indonesia


Gili Trawangan, Indonesia (a tiny island off Lombok) is home to blue water, coral beaches, and a chill atmosphere. We spend out time getting SCUBA certified and has been one of the best experiences thus far. We completed nine dives in five days, starting with the beginner course and finished as advanced open water divers.
Our first open water dive will be a dive I always remember. Falling off the boat all geared up is the most exhilarating thing...that feeling of hitting the water is indescribable. But the one thing that tops it all is that first breath taken underwater, you enter a whole new world. We dove Shark Point right of the coastline and were lucky enough to see three small white tip reef sharks, one of which was born within the last week! Sharks are my favorite animal and finally being able to see them glide through the water right before my eyes was a dream come true, no matter how small they were. Turtles made their presence known on every dive. Some of them were massive, even larger than the ones we saw in Malaysia. It was also my first time watching a turtle from below as it surfaced which was pretty awesome, they glide so peacefully and effortlessly. Diving here one wouldn't think sea turtles are on the endangered list. Lombok (large, neighboring island) is number one in the world for illegal fishing and killing of sharks and as a result the sea turtle numbers are booming doing damage to the coral reefs. 
For our first advanced open water dive we dove down to our max depth of 30 meters to a beautiful coral reef. We referred to it as the Grand Canyon of the ocean. Surrounded by slopes covered with an abundance of coral and aquatic life. We saw everything from turtles, string rays, star fish and infinite reef fish. Everything is better when you go deeper. One thing I'd enjoy was turn to my back to look to the surface, watching the bubbles rise and the sun's rays beam through the crisp, clear blue water. It was hard to believe it was real.
My favorite of the nine dives was our drift dive. Gili Trawangan is located where the Indian Ocean meets the Pacific Ocean resulting in many different currents. We did our current check, dropped in and started our descent immediately, meeting at five meters before continuing. Once we reached the bottom the rest of the dive was a breeze. We drifted along with the current effortlessly and feeling weightless...watching the fish feed, turtles glide and schools of fish swim right before our eyes. It was more of a ride than anything and there was so much to see.
It took one dive for me to get hooked, and only five days to get certified as an advanced diver. It is an experience I will always remember and I look forward to the new adventures and places it will bring me.

Video and photos by Andrew // Video compilation by Kristen