Bangkok // June 23 - July 2

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Bangkok is full of great food, smiling people and beautiful wats (temples). In nine days we were lucky enough to experience all three and more. Our local friend Mony brought us to our first night market (Jatujak Green Night Market) where were able to try one of Thailand’s many delicacies…. grilled squid.  It is as chewy as one would think but whatever it was marinated in made it much more delectable! Having Mony show us around was fantastic, she pointed out all the great Thai treats that were must eats! The market itself was a parking lot filled with vendors and stretched to the neighboring streets. Vendors were selling pretty much anything and everything ; my favorite was the food! 

One of my favorites of Bangkok were the wats. We took an express boat up the Chao Phraya River to the Grand Palace where we visited our first temple, Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the holiest in Thailand built in 1782). We visited on a Sunday making it a multi-sensory experience with incense burning, people in prayer, and wind chimes ringing from the eves of the temple. Although it was extremely packed and the most humid day we’d been there, it was such an awesome experience. The temple was massive and very ornate, covered in gold and bursting with color. It is home to the Emerald Buddha, carved of a single piece of stone measuring 30 inches high. No photos were allowed inside of the wat itself, but the Buddha was very high up and looked tiny from down below. People were knelt down on the red carpet in front of it in prayer and worship. 

There was a day a couple of our local friends brought us out of Bangkok to Ko Sichang (an island in the Gulf of Thailand). We hired a tuk-tuk driver to bring us to a few spots around the island which was fantastic because we were able to see a little of everything. We got our fortune told from a Thai man and fortune telling sticks; Andrew had to buy some oil to make an offering in hopes of receiving a better fortune. Unfortunately, it didn't help. We also sat along a quiet pier, which was nice after being in the bustling city of Bangkok for a week. Our last stop was the only swimming beach on there island where I sat along a cliff overlooking the beach. It was refreshing to get out of the commercialized city to experience some authentic, local culture; I think we were the only farang (foreigners) on the island.

The more time I spent in Bangkok the more it grew on me, it was a wonderful experience and I could go on forever....but I won't. We had a wide variety of delicious (and different) food such as fried shark fin, a beef broth soup consisting of liver, pigskin, intestine and chicken, and so much more I don't even know what we consumed. The people were unbelievably friendly; it truly is the land of smiles. Every other day we got a massage (only $6 for an hour, my favorite was the foot massages) and the ladies were so wonderful and happy to see us. Bangkok was fantastic and we will be back for sure, but I am happy to be seeing more of Thailand. We are currently in Chiang Mai (and will be for about a month or so), so stay tuned as our journey unfolds!

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