As photographers we have set out to capture our surroundings and experience culture bringing it to you in a new light. Together, we created World Squared to pursue our passion for photography and travel. Our mission is to see the world and share our story and experiences along the way.


Andrew Stenehjem

I was born in Grand Forks North Dakota (Ever hear of it?). I try to live life to the fullest.  After serving in the US military I decided to pick up a camera and travel the world.  I enjoy experiencing different cultures and I always try to see the silver lining in any situation.  I'm always down for new adventures and challenges.    

Kristen Perala

I have a huge heart for family, travel and new experiences. Originally from a small town in Minnesota, I learned to love nature, enjoy simplicity, and developed a desire to see more of the world. I first discovered my passion for photography and art in college and never turned back.

I enjoy making handmade books, photographing the world around me, creating memories with others, and living a healthy lifestyle of art, loving, laughing, and natural living.